Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: How to Build Your Chiropractic Dream Team

A chiropractic practice’s success directly hinges on the strength of its team.  Having a cohesive group of team players not only drives exceptional patient care but also fuels practice credibility and opportunities for growth.   It is this synergy amongst team members that creates a positive working environment, enhances overall job satisfaction, and increases productivity.  

This said, establishing and growing a solid chiropractic team doesn’t come without its challenges.  From recruiting top-tier candidates to maintaining a high level of commitment and collaboration from staff members, the quest to build a dream team requires skilled planning and dedication.  In the end, however, the challenges endured are well worth the effort as the benefits of a unified team are invaluable.  If you’re looking to maintain a high quality of care for clients while simultaneously growing a flourishing practice, then follow along as we talk through our top strategies to build a winning chiropractic team.

The Common Denominator in Successful Chiropractic Practices

When we look at chiropractors who have grown successful practices, they all have one common thread… outstanding team members.  It is true- the individuals that surround you in your practice play a critical role in the sustainable growth of your businesses, often surpassing the impact of any other factor.  When staff members are uncommitted or misaligned, both the quality of care and the working environment suffer, impacting your bottom line and growth potential.  If you want to ensure long-lasting, sustainable growth, the top ingredient for chiropractic practice success is an aligned, respected, and purpose-driven team.  

Team Building Tips for Success

Step #1: Define Your Practice Mission

A company’s mission is the north star that guides business planning, decision-making, and core values.  Establishing a clear mission and associated principles is the first step to setting the groundwork for what you hope to achieve as a practice owner and attracting like-minded candidates to your cause.  When values are clear, they become a powerful tool for hiring and team development informing practice culture and unifying team members on principled care.

Step #2: Remember the Intangibles

As business owners, we are constantly seeking top talent and new skill sets to grow our practices.  While important to our offerings and patient opportunities, we cannot neglect the intangible attributes of successful team members that contribute to practice success.  

When hiring, remember we’re not only looking for specific skills or experience, but also compatibility with our company culture and driving mission.  With your defined values in mind, consider what interpersonal skills, communication styles, and treatment approaches would best complement your setting.  Attitude is everything and in healthcare especially where people are already hindered by pain, it’s critical that staff members are engaged, compassionate, and positively working towards the mission of the practice.  

Step #3: Lead by Example

Effective chiropractic practice leadership can not be overlooked in building and running a successful business.  Impactful chiropractic business owners set the tone for their practices, establish clear expectations, and inspire staff members to perform at their highest potential.  When colleagues feel respected and valued, their commitment and performance improve and everyone benefits.  Be transparent, listen to your staff’s feedback, and lead by example to optimize your team dynamics.

Step #4: Encourage Personal and Professional Development 

A great quote by Lauren Bacall states that “standing still is the fastest way of moving backwards in a rapidly changing world.”  Being stagnant leads to burnout and a lack of creativity.  To avoid this in your team, foster professional development by encouraging ongoing education and training opportunities and use your staff’s unique strengths to create growth organically within your practice.  

Step #5: Collaborate and Communicate

Perhaps the biggest struggle we see in chiropractic practices is a lack of clear communication between staff members.  We understand… you are BUSY and between managing patients, maintaining an organized workflow and keeping some semblance of work-life balance, you have a lot going on.  That said, promoting team collaboration through regular team meetings and open communication channels is essential to practice success.  Recognize this collaboration, encourage suggestions and opportunities for practice improvement, and have an open door policy so no teammate feels left behind.

Step #6: Handle Conflict Appropriately

No one loves conflict resolution but it’s a critical skill when managing a team.  Especially during trying times, encourage involved parties to express their perspectives calmly and respectfully.  Collaborate to identify solutions that work for all and be open-minded in your approach to handling each situation.  Be adaptable, listen to your team’s perspectives, and always remember your guiding principles when handling challenging situations.  

Step #7: A Little Recognition Can Go a Long Way

You’ve developed your team, your practice is succeeding now, remember to recognize and reward your team members when warranted.  Even the smallest gesture can have a huge impact on company morale and staff retention.  Pass along positive patient experiences, host a lunch after a busy, productive week, or make it a habit to comment on team achievements at biweekly staff meetings.  When employees feel valued for their contributions, job satisfaction and practice morale improve.

Building and managing a dream team is not always easy but the value it can add from both a financial standpoint and a morale standpoint is exponential.  Your staff is a direct extension of you and your business reputation.  Invest now to ensure a successful and rewarding practice for years to come.

If you want to build your dream team of associate chiropractors and leaders, contact RehabChiro consulting today and turn your ideal chiropractic practice into a reality.