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Your Trusted Partner for Chiropractic Business Success

Here at Rehab Chiro Coaching, we’re helping chiropractors across the state of New York unlock their full potential with transformative chiropractic consulting services.  Whether you’re hoping to add more clients to your caseload or improve structural organization within your team and systems, we are committed to your success.  Run by highly-successful chiropractor, author and entrepreneur, Justin Rabinowitz, Rehab Chiro is grounded in proven strategies and personal experiences.  Approaching his consulting with the same tenacity and work ethic as his own chiropractic practice, Justin is committed to giving you the tools you need to drive long-term success.

Comprehensive Solutions to Drive Business Growth

As experienced consultants and business owners, we recognize that building a successful chiropractic practice requires much more than just clinical skills.  In today’s competitive landscape, it’s imperative that you have efficient systems in place, tailored marketing strategies, and payment structures that match your population and your practice goals.  Our comprehensive chiropractic management solutions are designed to address practice inefficiencies, streamline business operations, and improve patient retention in order to maximize your financial success.  Work smarter, not harder and watch your business grow with the help of Rehab Chiro Coaching.

The Path to Practice Success

  • Consult: Work 1-on-1 with a chiropractic business coach to discuss your business goals and current concerns
  • Streamline: Identify inefficiencies and opportunities for practice growth
  • Execute: Implement customized strategic plans that align with your business objectives
  • Assess progress: Monitor outcomes at frequent intervals to ensure you’re on the path to success  


Achieve practice success, watch your bottom line grow and improve your work-life balance…  It’s possible, with expert chiropractic business consulting here in New York.

What We Provide

Struggling with patient retention?

Unsure where to allocate your marketing efforts?

Feeling burned out? 

If you answered yes to any of these, we’ve got you covered. Join us and like-minded chiropractic professionals who have endured the same challenges, implemented strategic solutions and found success at the end.  Join us as we show you that it IS possible to treat your patients the way you want AND run a highly successful business. 

Choose Your Path Forward

Don’t allow the complexity of chiropractic practice management hold you back from realizing your true business potential. Earn your success, get the return you deserve, and enhance your quality of life all at once.

Success speaks for itself

“The major problems my business was facing were analysis paralysis and decision fatigue. I met with Justin at the beginning of my business so meeting with him at the beginning of my business allowed it to transform into a business that was really successful right out of the gate.”
Dr. Mike Fucci,
Kinetic Chiropractic
“I knew I needed to do something different because I was stuck in a certain price range with monthly revenue and I was just getting frustrated and needed a little bit of guidance. I implemented a lot of strategies and structure. It’s been a lot more efficient for me, I’ve been able to clear my mind a lot more and actually focus on the things that matter. “
Dr. Jeremy Dinkin
RSM Sports Medicine & Rehab

The team at Rehab Chiro Coaching is here to lead you towards a sustainable and scalable practice. Find the balance between exceptional care and the financial return you deserve with expert chiropractic consulting from Rehab Chiro Coaching.

Ready to see firsthand how Rehab Chiro Consulting can transform your business?

Reach out to us now to schedule your first strategic consultation, or visit our FAQ section for additional details. Share your goals for your practice with us, and together, let’s create the practice you’ve always envisioned.