Rehab Chiro Podcast: Elevate Your Practice with Expert Insights and Strategies

The Rehab Chiro Podcast was designed to provide rehab chiropractors a wide of array of relevant, practical and research-driven strategies to improve your financial freedom while maintaining ethical patient-centric care. We feature in-depth interviews with industry leading chiros, discuss the latest evidence-based happenings and showcase different chiropractic marketing strategies and how they can impact your bottom line.

Rehab Chiro Offerings

If you want to get a feel for the offerings we provide, the Rehab Chiro podcast is a great place to start.  We dive into pertinent everyday topics like pricing determination, transitioning to an all-cash payment model and how to organically grow your business.  Whether you’re finishing up chiropractic school and looking to start your first business or have been in practice for decades, we cover content that is applicable to every chiropractic entrepreneur looking to improve their practice efficiency.

Podcast Topics

Some of the topics we’ve covered:

  • How i’d go from zero to $10K per month if I opened a new practice
  • Why you should both raise your prices and treat patients for free
  • My 2nd practice location failed… and made me a millionaire
  • From `-3% to growing 60% in a year- how I revived my flatlining business

…and many more!

Are you passionate about promoting holistic high-quality care? Do you want to grow your bottom line without sacrificing your patient experience?  Follow along as we cover the hot topics needed to grow your modern chiropractic practice into a booming business. 

See what all the fuss is about

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