Building Your Dream Chiropractic Team: Tips for Scouting New Hires

If you’re a chiropractor looking to expand your practice, bringing on associate chiropractors to your team is a great way to grow your bottom line and take your practice to the next level.  Of course, while the concept is promising, attracting the right individuals and establishing them within your practice can be quite challenging.  So today, we’re discussing common challenges practice owners face in hiring new associate chiropractors and how to find professionals that align seamlessly with your practice’s mission and goals.

Benefits of bringing on associate professionals

If you are a chiropractic practice owner, bringing on associate chiropractors can offer a wide array of benefits ranging from increased capacity to expanded service offerings to improved work-life balance.  In a successful integration, hiring an associate can enhance patient care through new perspectives and expertise and allow professionals on the team to share knowledge, improving treatment ideas and overall skill sets.  Although there will inevitably be an initial lift during onboarding, investing in a skilled and compassionate provider can lead to increased revenue and open up new opportunities for practice growth.

Chiropractic Recruiting Steps to Success

While chiropractic school effectively prepares its graduates to provide a high level of clinical care, it often fails to educate students on comprehensive business management and operations training.  With recruiting and hiring being an essential component to overall practice success, it’s important that you take the time to be diligent and thoughtful in these processes.

Step #1: Define Your Needs

Before beginning any recruitment or hiring process, you must define your hiring goals and the qualities that make up an ideal candidate for your practice.  During these reflections, consider factors such as specialization, availability, and experience and what it would take for a candidate to seamlessly integrate into your practice environment.  Being clear in your hiring goals and requirements will help you narrow down your prospective candidates and ensure you bring on team members who will add value from a financial standpoint and are aligned from a mission standpoint.

Step #2: Advertise the Position Well and Highlight What Makes Your Practice Stand Out

As of 2023, there are almost 70,000 chiropractic businesses in the US.  This means that in order to be competitive from a recruiting and hiring perspective, you need to be clear in your job descriptions and get your listings in front of the right people.  Use a variety of modes including social media, professional networks, and online job boards to make the biggest reach on your job listings and highlight both what the job is and WHY candidates should consider working for you.

Besides enhancing your reach to prospective patients, having a solid online presence with a well-designed website, up-to-date content, and positive Google reviews can be extremely valuable in enhancing your practice’s visibility to professionals and attracting credible candidates.  Use digital marketing to your advantage and have a robust strategy in place to enhance your online footprint and reach in the recruiting and hiring processes.

Step #3: Be Competitive In Your Benefits Package

In terms of benefits offerings, don’t be stingy! Chiropractors have a lot of options when it comes to choosing a practice.  Set yourself apart with unique offerings that will both attract associates in the door and keep high job satisfaction throughout the years ahead.  Of course competitive salaries and benefits packages are the most obvious perks you can offer.  However, depending on the candidate, highlight other attractive benefits including mentorship and training, a high degree of work-life balance, opportunities for advancement, and continuing education allotments.  Don’t be afraid to ask skilled candidates what they are searching for in an ideal work setting and if they’re the right fit, be willing to provide them with the tools and support they deserve to succeed.

Step #4: Have a Clearcut Hiring Process

Hiring can be laborious.  Between sifting through applications, bringing in candidates for interviews, and putting together offers, the process can consume a lot of time and a lot of resources.  With your defined needs in mind, be upfront with candidates about what you are seeking in an associate and what they can expect as they move through the hiring and potential onboarding processes.

When it comes to interviewing, ask open-ended questions and take the opportunity to really evaluate the prospect’s communication skills.   Be comprehensive in your questioning, looking not only at the candidate’s experience and clinical skillset but also at treatment philosophy, career aspirations, and how they respond to challenging scenarios.   Take the time to be thorough in this phase, ensuring the candidate isn’t just “talking the talk” but truly aligns with your practice’s vision and values.

Ultimately, building your dream chiropractic team takes effort, but can pay big dividends in the long run. Remember, attracting top talent isn’t just about the tangibles.  Being respectful, cultivating a positive reputation within your community, and being ethical in all aspects of your practice management are more valuable than any tip we can provide.  Be focused, upfront, and organized in your approach, and see your practice grow to new heights.

If you’re interested in learning more about recruiting new hires or streamlining your chiropractic business operations, give us a call at RehabChiro consulting and make your dream practice a reality.