Client Success with Rehab Chiro Business Consulting — Reviews and Testimonials

Discover the transformative impact of Rehab Chiro’s business consulting through our clients’ experiences. Explore testimonials and success stories from those who have thrived using our chiropractic business programs, including our Rehab Chiro Mastermind course and Chiro Business 101 program. These reviews highlight significant revenue growth and invaluable business insights, illustrating the tangible impact of our services. Delve into our clients’ journeys to success and learn how Rehab Chiropractic can elevate your chiropractic practice to new heights today.

Experience Our Impact: Client Testimonials Speak Volumes

Dr. Mike Fucci

“(Rehab Chiro) almost doubled my revenue out of the gate.  I was able to bring in $10K revenue in my first month and that was above and beyond what I was going to do.”

Dr. Jeremy Dinkin

I knew I needed to do something different because I was stuck in a certain price range with monthly revenue and I was just getting frustrated and needed a little bit of guidance.  I implemented a lot of strategies and structure.  It’s been a lot more efficient for me. I’ve been able to clear my mind a lot more and actually focus on the things that matter.

Shaun Astorga

“I took Biz 101 and I can’t recommend it enough.  We took a ton out of it- so much that we joined the Mastermind group and Justin’s VIP group and have seen our practice almost triple in a little less than a year”

Alexis Piarulli

“Going and doing something together even if it’s your own solo business- you are surrounded by like minded people and individuals- I think that will escalate your success way faster than just being on your own”

Kaylie Marks

“I’ve grown so much more in the last 4 weeks than I have really in the past year treating patients.  It really feels like the sky is the limit working with Justin.  There’s no ceiling and there’s always going to be growth and challenge.”

David C

“I was able to learn the fundamental tools in terms of the financial side and marketing.  We coming out of school don’t learn these things properly so as doctors and as potential business owners, these are things we really need to know”

Austin M

“Chiro Biz 101 taught me how to shift my mindset to build a longer more sustainable business and not because I’m the best at something but because I will absolutely outlast somebody else at doing it… I hope you take action and jump into this ship- I promise you won’t regret it”


“I took Chiro Biz 101 at the very end of 2022.  I was about a year into practice and I can honestly say it was the best business decision I’ve made up until this point.  I’ve learned a lot through this course and continue to do so through Mastermind.”

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