Rehab Chiro Offerings

Here at Rehab Chiro, we offer holistic end-to-end solutions to help improve patient acquisition and retention, build a business around the life YOU want, and facilitate scalable business growth. Using proven strategies and well-defined plans, we address your unique practice challenges and deliver ongoing resources to help you grow both personally and professionally. 

If you’re an entrepreneur, looking to maximize your business income, improve system efficiencies, or grow your practice without sacrificing quality of care, Rehab Chiro has got you covered.

What We Offer

Chiro Business 101

Our flagship course is our Chiro Business 101, a complete blueprint to attract the new patients you need, implement business systems, and increase your clinic profits by 50% to 250% in just 7 weeks.

In this 7-week course, we’ll teach you:

How to make more money AND spend more time with your family.

Attract brand new patients so they STOP going to the ‘sleazy’ chiropractor down the street.

Streamline operations so you can spend more time with patients and truly do what you love – help people.

Drawing on the wisdom and experience we have gained in our own practice successes, we will show you how to effectively build the practice of your dreams without compromising patient care.

Rehab Chiro Mastermind

Creating a sustainable and reputable private chiropractic practice is one thing but when you’re ready to take your business to the next level, Rehab Chiro Mastermind is the move to make, to guarantee success.  Unlike other chiropractic business consulting programs or business 101 courses, Rehab Chiro Mastermind was designed to unlock inefficiencies, educate, and guide you toward a path of scalable success.  This 12-month program is very different from Chiro Business 101 as it’s not just about marketing and systems… It’s about YOU.

Our Rehab Chiro Mastermind is about showing you what it takes to grow a REAL Business. One that can make more profit and give you more time freedom so you can actually enjoy your business AND your life.  Your contribution to this program is vital and NOT EVERYONE qualifies. You’ve got to be TRULY ambitious about growing your Rehab Chiropractic practice and commit to the process.  Included in the course, you will receive ONE FULL YEAR of Business and Entrepreneurship mindset coaching from me and my expert team.

Custom CRM Services

In our experience, there are a few “must-haves” in your business. A CRM System (or customer relationship management) done correctly is absolutely one of them!

What happens when a patient says “no” to care? CRM will follow up with them FOREVER (without you having to do anything) so that WHEN they are ready, they spend 4K with you (just like our patient did last week!)

What happens when a patient books their first visit? CRM will send them all the paperwork, introduction to the clinic email, and send them customized text reminders before their appointment.

When you are enjoying a weekend with family or a holiday with friends, guess who still works? CRM!  If you don’t have a robust system surrounding follow-up and nurture, I guarantee you that you’re missing out on THOUSANDS each year.

Hear Directly from other chiropractic business owners - experience the difference.

“ I was able to bring in $10,000 in revenue in my first month and that was way above and beyond what I was going to do…The major problems my business was facing were analysis paralysis and decision fatigue. I met with Justin at the beginning of my business so meeting with him at the beginning of my business allowed it to transform into a business that was really successful right out of the gate.”
Dr. Mike Fucci,
Kinetic Chiropractic
“I was stuck at a certain level and I needed someone to kind of coach me and guide me through the next level. That experience and process through Justin has been a game changer for me.”
Dr. Jeremy Dinkin
RSM Sports Medicine & Rehab

Join us, as we help you make clear decisions to drive future growth.

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